Why is there a need for a National Plan in Lebanon?

    1. Q. Why a Plan?

    A. Nation without a Plan is like a ship without a rudder.

    2. Q. What are the subjects covered by the Plan?

    A. The Plan will cover 18 subjects concerned with the social and the
    economic development of Lebanon.

    3. Q. Who will participate, with the Government, in drawing up
    the Plan?

    A. All the stakeholders concerned by the Plan, including the experts, the
    economists, the business and professional associations, the syndicates,
    the university students, and generally any citizen who feels that he can
    contribute some useful input to the Plan.

    4. Q. What are the benefits of a National Plan that is approved
    by the citizens?

    1.        The confidence of the citizens in their government will rise when they
    see them drawing long term plans for the country and taking the necessary
    steps to implement them. This will serve to lessen the incidence of strikes
    and civil disturbances.

    2.         Dissensions among the different political parties in Lebanon will be
    reduced and greater unity will be realized, once all have agreed upon a
    common line of action and "what kind of Lebanon they want".

    3.        The State will be able to chart a straighter course if the Plan clearly
    identifies the goals to attain, the objectives to reach, and the means and
    the resources that should be used for that purpose.

    4.        The Nation’s economy will grow more harmoniously. No sector of
    the economy will be neglected and the citizen’s interest will prime all other

    5.        Careful planning will ensure that the country’s infrastructure is
    developed harmoniously, to adequately meet the needs of a growing

    6.        Lebanon’s relations with its regional neighbors will improve. The
    National Plan will make it easier to blend the country’s economy into its
    regional context.

    5.    Q.    What is the impact that the Plan is expected to have on
    next parliamentary elections?

    A. Once a Plan is drawn up and approved, the citizens will be given the
    opportunity to vote for a program instead of a “zaim”.This will
    considerably improve the democratic education, and behavior of the voters.
CPI The Lebanese Center for Public Information