CPI The Lebanese Center for Public Information

    who will build the Plan?
    In a previous page we came to the conclusion that, in Lebanon, future
    Lebanese governments should support participative governance and
    participative planning.

    However, the question that comes inevitably to mind is who exactly will be
    involved in the National Plan’s preparation?

    In our opinion, the National Plan must be truly “national”, to achieve its
    purpose. This means that all the citizens should be given the opportunity to
    express their opinion during the creation of that Plan and present their
    suggestions and their recommendations. Some of the  stakeholders who will
    be invited to participate in the construction of the Plan are:

    •        All the NGOs involved in environment protection, civil right defense,
    education development, disease treatment and prevention, fiscal policy, civic
    behavior, poverty eradication, eco-tourism, road safety, consumer’s
    protection etc.
    •        The experts in the sector of the Plan that comes under consideration
    •        The Lawyers
    •        The Economists
    •        The Bankers
    •        The members of Business Associations, such as the Lebanese
    Chamber of Commerce, Agriculture and Industry
    •        The members of Professional Associations: lawyers, doctors, engineers,
    architects, teachers
    •        Syndicate officials and syndicate members
    •        The members of the Press and the information media
    •        The Civil servants employed in the Ministry concerned by the Plan
    under consideration.
    •        The Members of the Lebanese Economic and Social Council who
    represent a broad spectrum of the working population.
    •        The University undergraduates.
    •        In brief, theoretically, every citizen who is aware of the decision to build
    a National Plan should be invited to formulate an opinion and present his/her
    suggestions on any aspect of that Plan.

    In the list above, it may be noticed that we omitted an important institution, the
    CDR.  The Council for Development and Reconstruction, CDR is a Lebanese
    Public Authority established in 1977 to replace the Ministry of Planning. CDR
    is responsible for wide-scale reconstruction and development projects in
    Lebanon. For further details on that body visit http://www.cdr.gov.lb/.

    From 1990 to this day the CDR has been engaged in the elaboration of
    numerous National Plans and has also undertaken the execution of several
    large scale projects in this country.

    The experience gained by the CDR in that domain will be invaluable in the
    study and in the elaboration of the National Plan. We sincerely hope that we
    shall secure their support and benefit from their knowledge and their know
    how during the course of the internship.

    To illustrate our proposal we provide below a chart to outline the relationship
    between the different stakeholders, the advisors, and the government
    institutions who should jointly take part in the study and in the elaboration of a
    National five year Plan.